I love to paint from life.  The more than 3 dimensions that are available to witness as I watch animals move through the landscape, or horses interact or the sky change is truly thrilling. It is an adrenaline rush as I try to decide which peice to capture in that one second. The changing light, movement, even the smells & soundtrack of the environment figure into the final result. If I can recreate the way one moment in time felt through my painting then I have acomplished my goal as an artist.  I only ever paint subjects that I have seen personally or events that I have participated in, things I love and feel an intimacy with. I see my work as a snapshot of this particular time in our history and of my view of the west that we live in.

Silver Saddle Ladies YouTube video click here
Susan Bell painting Silver Saddle ponies YouTube video click here
Susan Bell painting Heifers YouTube video click here
Susan Bell painting the National Western Stock Show Parade YouTube video click here

Susan Bell is a painter of the contemporary west.  A Colorado native and horsewoman she grew up recording the changing face of the west, its land and animals through art.  The fleeting moments of relationship figure promentently in her work. She spends a great deal of time painting en plein air and this shows in her familiarity with movement, light and the unique personality of each of her subjects.

Her work ihas been featured in museums and collections throughout the US


Kaiser Permanente  /3 works
Denver Children’s Hospital/ 3 works
Colorado Governor J. Hickenlooper
Aspect Energy /6 works
Belize Natural Energy/ 10 works
Lawrence Phipps III


Taos Art Museum - A Russian night in Taos - Aug 2015

Art for Horses - Lakewood Cultural Center Aug -Sept 2015

Cheyenne Frontier Days Art show - Old West Museum - July 2015
NWSS Denver CO  Coor Art Show 2009-2014 
Denver Museum of Nature & Science - 2010-11
Paint America 100 - 2011
Salmagundi Club, NYC  2010
Birds in Art - Woodson Museum, Wausau, WI 2009
Museum of Horses in Art - Lexington, KY 2009-2011
MASTERS OF THE FOXHOUNDS  100 years-Traveling exhibition
Dog & Pony Show – Arvada Center for the Arts
Wildlife Experience Museum - Equine Artists
Denver Art Museum  -Impressions of Denver 
Artists of Colorado -  COLO



 Ex Art Equinus - 2012
 Illustrator - MY Name is JAKE - 2012
Birds in Art - Woodson Art Museum - 2009  
 Illustrator - Denver Magazine 2008 -2010
HGTV- Oct 2006 – April 2007-8
Western Horseman- artists to watch - July 2004
SouthWestArt – Western Artists – March 2003
Horse Connection – Featured Artist – Jan 2004 
Better Homes and Gardens – Fall 1997

Joe Wade Fine Art – Sante Fe, NM
Snake River - Jackson, WY
Keating Fine Art – Aspen, CO
Bell Studio/Gallery – Denver, CO

SteamBoat Springs Art Museum - SS, CO


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